How Sober Speakers Began

In the early 1990s, an AA we’ll call “Love and Service” picked up a sponsor who was fond of listening to tapes of spiritual talks and AA meetings. The sponsor passed on these tapes (and later, CDs) to his pigeon over the years. A small collection grew and grew.

Several years ago, “Love and Service” wanted to share these talks with others and so converted them into MP3s that could be downloaded from his personal website as zip files. He shared these speakers with many others and more and more recordings were added.

A friend introduced “Love and Service” to another AA on the West Coast with a vast collection of speaker recordings. The two exchanged digital drives, expanding both collections. Groups and speakers from across the country could now be heard.

As speakers were added, server size became a problem and costs rose. Alas, “Love and Service” had to take the site down due to lack of financial support. More recently, a few friends asked about the site and contributed to buy a domain name and help pay for a hosting service.

One trusted servant, “Rapacious Creditor,” helped set up the site and the social media pages and also created the newsletter.

“Love and Service” gave his collection of recordings to another trusted servant, “Soundness of Mind,” who is reformatting and cleaning up about 4,000 speaker files and converting them into smaller, higher quality MP3s that can be downloaded to or streamed on your mobile device.

Please share this site with others and keep checking back for fresh speakers. If there’s a group in your area that records speakers, please help us by contributing these recordings to help carry the AA message.

Thank You For Support
Love and Service
Sobriety Date – 4/18/1990
New York A.A. Member
Jan. 2014

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